Physiotherapy Amsterdam South

VMfysio is a specialized physiotherapy practice in Amsterdam Zuid with its main office at Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam Buitenveldert.

Because you can visit multiple locations outside the Gelderlandplein Medical Center, we have changed the name from Physiotherapy Gelderlandplein to VMfysio (Vlek-Melief Physiotherapy) as of October 1, 2022.

VM physiotherapy


Working toward functioning and performing at the highest level possible as quickly as possible, without limitations or pain. Consider physical recovery from surgery, accident, or injury.


Collaboration with medical specialists

VMfysio has very short lines of communication with other healthcare institutions. Because of this, we have a very good contact with medical specialists in different hospitals, such as the OLVG and in private clinics.



VMfysio‘s team has skilled specialists who complement each other well. For almost every complaint we have a physical therapist in house who can give you proper treatment from his or her specialization. In addition to treating complaints such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain, we also focus on prevention.



Preventing limitations in daily functioning due to physical complaints.


  • Fall prevention training for frail elderly;
  • Workplace investigations and preventive medical examinations at companies in the workplace;
  • Prevent recurring injuries and complaints through proper exercises and advice.

We participate in a series of quality networks

claudication logo
back pain network
back network
shoulder network
south axis general practitioners
solar home group amstelland
trauma rehabilitation
Parkinson's Net

Locations and opening hours VMfysio

With 4 locations in Amsterdam Zuid, the Zuidas and Buitenveldert, you will always find a suitable location where we can treat you quickly. Our extended hours (we are also open on Saturdays and evenings) ensure that we can find a convenient time for everyone.


MC Gelderlandplein
A.J Ernst Street 599
1083 LD Amsterdam


Zuidas Pharmacy
Gustav Mahlerlaan 635-B
1082 MK Amsterdam


Doctor South
Stadionweg 37
1077 RW Amsterdam


Anytime Fitness
Wijenburg 90A
1082 VW Amsterdam

Patient experiences:

On Care Map Netherlands you can rate a healthcare facility or provider by giving a rating and/or posting a comment. VMfysio uses these patient experiences to improve quality.

We are proud of the high ratings we receive from our patients. Satisfaction with our care was a 9.3 according to Zorgkaart Nederland in 2022. We owe this to quality physical therapy, our expertise and our personal approach.

Extremely knowledgeable, good explanations and quick results of treatment.
Both Caitlin and Laura deal with their patients in a good respectful way and for that I give them great compliments.
Kindness, listening ear, expertise; knows very well what we discussed the time before.