Rates 2024

We recommend that you first check how many treatments you are reimbursed per year from your supplementary insurance. If you do not have additional insurance or if you have already used the number of treatments for your additional insurance this year, the costs are for your own account. We use the rates below for this.
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Chronic indication:
In the event of a chronic indication, you are always entitled to your deductible. You always need a referral from your general practitioner or medical specialist. Do you have an indication for chronic physiotherapy? Then from the 21st treatment you are entitled to reimbursement from the basic insurance. The first 20 treatments are reimbursed under your additional insurance, if you are not additionally insured, these are at your own expense. Ask your insurer for the conditions. In the event of a chronic indication, you are always entitled to your deductible.
Reschedule or cancel appointment
If you cannot fulfil an appointment, we ask you to notify us at least 24 hours in advance. For an appointment that has not been fulfilled or has not been canceled on time, 70% of the practical rate will be charged. The insurer will not reimburse this agreement.
Reimbursements physiotherapy health insurer
The practice has concluded cooperation contracts with all health insurers. The practice is obliged to adhere to the rules of the health insurer regarding the treatment of the patient, including drawing up an extensive medical file for each patient.
Physical therapy for children (<18 years old):
The health insurer reimburses a minimum of nine physiotherapy treatments for children under the basic insurance. You do not pay a deductible for this. In case of a chronic indication with referral, the child is usually entitled to more reimbursement from the basic insurance.
The additional insurance:
The supplementary insurance is an insurance that covers (partial) costs that are not reimbursed from the basic package. For example, it is possible to choose an additional package containing a number of physiotherapy reimbursements of your choice. Your health insurer will then reimburse the number of treatments per year for which you have additional insurance. The deductible does not therefore apply to the costs from the additional insurance.

Practice rates 2024:

The rates below apply if you are no longer insured for physiotherapy (or if you want a private bill).

Intake, examination and treatment physical therapy€82,00
Intake, examination and treatment manual therapy€89,50
Physiotherapy session€45,00
Manual therapy session€58,50
Session of geriatric physical therapy€58,50
Long session physical therapy€58,50

Home treatments:

Intake, examination and treatment at home€97,50
Home physical therapy session€66,00
Home session of manual therapy€76,50
Session of geriatric physical therapy at home€76,50