Our Physical Therapists & Team


Maarten Melief McKenzie therapist Amsterdam

Maarten Melief, MSc

Physical/manual therapist

Robert Vlek physical therapist

Robert Vlek, MSc

Physical/manual therapist

Bouke Hepkema - manual therapist

Bouke Hepkema, MSc

Physical/ Manual therapist

Lieneke Eeken physiotherapist Amsterdam

Lieneke Eeken, MSc

Physio/ Geriatrics physical therapist

Caitlin van Essen physical therapist

Caitlin van Essen

Physical therapist and Geriatric physical therapist i.o.

Laura Bergstra physical therapist

Laura Bergstra

Physical therapist, Trauma rehabilitation VUmc

Marten Elzinga Physiotherapist

Marten Elzinga

Manual/orofacial therapist

Laura Németh VMphysio

Laura Németh

Physical Therapist and Schroth Therapist

Janine Krans

Janine Krans


Ben van Egmond Physical Therapist

Ben van Egmond


Sophie Hartel Occupational therapist

Sophie Hartel

Occupational therapist

Saskia Dorhout Mees

Saskia Dorhout Mees



Lindsy Krop VMphysio

Lindsy Krop

Administrative assistant


Cindy Nieuwenhuijs

Administrative assistant