Maarten Melief, MSc

Maarten Melief is co-owner of VMphysio. He is a physical therapist, manual therapist and exercise scientist.
Specializations: Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, Manual Therapy, Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation in Sport, Sport Psychology, Shoulder Network Amsterdam, Back Network.

Maarten Melief McKenzie therapist Amsterdam

About Maarten

Maarten has obtained Mckenzie A and B certificates from the Mckenzie Institute Benelux. In particular, he treats people with spine-related complaints and shoulder problems.

Maarten has specialized in this in order to better treat people with scoliosis. It has been registered since 2016 Schroth Best Practice therapist , an enormous addition to the treatment of (idiopathic) scoliosis.

Thanks to an active sports history, he has a great affinity with the rehabilitation of athletes.

BIG number: 89909583604

Maarten is affiliated with the following networks:

Back Network, this is a quality network focused on better care for people with spine-related pain.
Shoulder Network Amsterdam, this is a quality network for specialized manual therapists focused on the best possible shoulder care.

Back Network
Shoulder Physiotherapy

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