Geriatrics Physiotherapy

The geriatric physiotherapist is a physiotherapist who has specialized in the care of elderly people with (complex) health problems through a 3-year master’s program.

geriatric physiotherapy
Physiotherapy for the elderly in Amsterdam

The geriatric physiotherapist focuses in particular on improving and maintaining the mobility of the body, self-reliance and quality of life in (vulnerable) elderly people.

This does not only concern the elderly, but also patients with, for example, complaints as a result of a stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s or a broken hip.

The patients mainly do exercise therapy, aimed at regaining and dealing with loss of mobility and independence.

The work of the geriatric physiotherapist also includes advising and guiding family members and any caregivers about, among other things, the clinical picture, prognosis, treatment, transfers, daily activities and aids.

Increasing aging population
That we are facing increasing aging in the Netherlands is well known by now. The goal is to allow the elderly to function independently for as long as possible. An increasing number of studies show positive effects of functional exercise and training in various disease states and in various medical treatments.
Geriatrics Physiotherapy Amsterdam

Geriatric physiotherapists

(physical therapy for the elderly)

Lieneke Eeken, MSc

Lieneke Eeken
Caitlin van Essen
Caitlin van Essen physical therapist
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