Manual Therapy

The manual therapist is a physical therapist who has further specialized through a 3-year master’s degree. In doing so, he/she has gained the knowledge to be able to investigate and treat orthopedic and spine-related complaints even better.
Manual Therapy Amsterdam
Moving the body parts around the joint in a certain way can quickly increase joint mobility and reduce pain.
The Technique
The techniques consist of gentle pulling or pushing movements. Sometimes the manual therapist supplements this treatment with dosed impulse techniques. Sometimes a cracking or cracking sound is heard. Most patients experience this as a momentary strange feeling, but generally do not find it painful. The effects are often immediately noticeable.
For what complaints is Manual Therapy suitable?
  • Head and neck pain with poor movement of the spine
  • Neck and shoulder complaints with radiation to the arms
  • UPPER back complaints, whether or not in combination with rib and chest pain
  • Low back complaints, with or pain to the legs
  • Certain forms of dizziness
  • Hip complaints

Many complaints caused by joint disorders can be positively influenced by the manual therapist. Whether manual therapy can also resolve your complaint should become apparent during the screening and/or intake and examination, but also depends on your own efforts. For more information, visit the website of the Dutch Association for Manual Therapy.

Manual Therapists

Physical / manual therapist :
Maarten Melief, MSc

Maarten Melief

Physical / manual therapist :
Robert Vlek, MSc

Robert Stain

Physical / manual therapist :
Bouke Hepkema, MSc

Bouke Hepkema - manual therapist

Physical / manual therapist :
Marten Elzinga, MSc

Marten Elzinga Physiotherapist