Physiotherapy after Covid-19 contamination

An infection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) can have a significant impact on your health and therefore also your daily functioning. It is important to start physiotherapy as soon as possible after hospitalization.

Now, of course, there are also people who have been infected with the Coronavirus but have not been hospitalized. Even then you may experience changes / problems that may require guidance from a physiotherapist. For example, because you have been inactive for a long time.

VMfysio is affiliated with the Lung Network of Amsterdam (LoRNA) and, as a result, specializes in treating people with lung problems. In addition, our geriatric physiotherapists are specially trained in the treatment of vulnerable people and we have followed training aimed at COVID-19.

The profession of physiotherapists ( KNGF ) has developed a guideline for the treatment of patients who have complaints as a result of COVID-19, this, together with the training followed, forms the basis of our rehabilitation program.

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Physiotherapy after hospitalization

After your admission to the hospital, rehabilitation will often start in a rehabilitation center, but you may still have to work on your recovery in the period afterwards. You will often receive advice from the hospital on how to rebuild your daily activities step by step, but you may still need some help with this.

Continuing physiotherapy in the home situation can help you with this. The physiotherapy will primarily focus on improving physical functioning in the home situation, depending on your complaints and request for help, we will make a specific plan for everyone.

Common complaints after hospitalization (due to the Coronavirus) in which physiotherapy plays a major role:

  • problems with lung function / breathing;
  • muscle weakness due to prolonged inactivity;
  • reduced fitness / stamina;
  • general fatigue;
  • problems performing daily activities in / around the house;
  • joint pain or stiffness from prolonged inactivity.

Other complaints you may experience (of which the paramedics are present at our medical center to help you with this):

  • changes in memory / concentration, etc.;
  • losing weight, poor nutritional status;
  • fear and / or insecurity.

NB: if you have not been admitted to hospital, but you have become ill due to the Corona virus, you may experience one or more of the above complaints. There is a good chance that the physiotherapist or another therapist can also help you with this.

Physical therapy intake and treatment

Because there is still a lot of uncertainty about the long-term contagiousness and possible risk of recontamination, we will work according to the guidelines from the RIVM and our professional group (KNGF) in order to monitor your and our safety.

The intake this will initially be done by telephone or via an E-consultation in order to get an idea of your complaints and request for help.

The treatment is tailor-made for each client. Depending on the problems you are experiencing, the treatment, through training and coaching / advice, will mainly focus on:

  • improvement of breathing and respiratory muscle strength;
  • improving daily activities and movements in / around the house;
  • improvement of muscle strength;
  • improvement of fitness and general fatigue;
  • improvement of function and mobility of joints;
  • dosed build-up of daily activities.

    For now, due to the risk of infection, and on the advice of the RIVM, the treatment will be done by us remotely via E-consultations as much as possible. If this is really not possible and we have to visit you at home, the physiotherapist will discuss the risk of infection in consultation with the referring doctor and general practitioner and determine the policy in consultation.


The treatment will be carried out by our specialized therapists. They have been trained in a specialist manner and have completed the training aimed at physiotherapy after Corona and hospitalization.

We love the developments of it RIVM Keep in mind, for now it looks like these measures will be in effect until May 20. If we can adjust this earlier, we will notify you via our website.

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